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Yui Hikage
Yui Hikage
Biographical Info
Kanji 日影 唯
Romaji Hikage Yui
Alias Butt Onmyouji
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player
Rank A-Rank
Affiliation Tokyo Branch
Main Ability Illusion Creation
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 146 (Cameo)
Chapter 149 (Full Appearance)

Yui Hikage (日影 唯, Hikage Yui), also known as the Butt Onmyouji (尻陰陽師, Shiri Onmyōji), is an A-Rank Keijo player from the Tokyo Branch.


Yui has long, braided black hair. She has a paper talisman (with a series of sealing spell) on her forehead which usually attached onto a Jiangshi. Outside of matches, Yui wears what seemed to be a sorceress hat, she also has more paper talismans.


Although Yui is not part of Kukuru Kashiwaba's gang, the Under Hips, which filled with the East players, Yui herself is an East player. Thus, she despises West players, going as far to say harsh words toward them.


Butt Graduation Festival Arc

Non attacks Yui Hikage with 1.6kg Breast Cannon

Yui defeated by Non.

Yui participated in Ikumi Yuzuki's Butt Graduation Festival. On the day of the opening ceremony, she was seen near the Toda Keijo Stadium. On the second day of the first preliminary round, Yui got her turn to participate. After sinking Miwa and Kuriyama, Yui cornered Non Toyoguchi with her illusions. She then prepared to defeat Non. However, Yui was surprised when Non was able to dispel her zombies. Yui immediately noticed that there was something written on Non's boobs. Yui realized that a series a of sutra were written onto her boobs. On the other hand, Non quickly used her "1.6 Kilo Breast Cannon" in order to defeat Yui. Pushing her boobs with a great amount of force, Non was able to defeat Yui, sinking her to the pool.


  • Yui's illusions surrounding Non Toyoguchi.

Illusion Creation: Through unknown means, Yui can project a bunch of ghosts and zombies that surround her opponents, effectively making them frightened. Despite this, there is a major drawback of this power: the illusions can be dispelled if her opponent writes a series of sutra or spells onto their boobs.

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