Volume 5 Extras
Volume 5 Extras.jpg
Kanji UTMの水着と私
Romaji UTM no Mizugi to Watashi
Volume 5
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 43 Chapter 44

HIP 43.5: ME AND THE UTM SWIMSUIT (UTMの水着と私, UTM no Mizugi to Watashi) is an extra chapter added at the end of Volume 5.


Nozomi Kaminashi complains about the "UTM". However, Non Toyoguchi replies that her boobs look bigger thanks to the "UTM". Lured by this, Sayaka Miyata tries to wear it, and sees whether her boobs are bigger or not. Approaching her secretly, Nozomi and Non apologize because Sayaka's chests are not bouncing.

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