Volume 4 Extras
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Volume 4
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 34 Chapter 35

A compilation of extra chapters added at the end of Volume 4.



Hanabi Kawai asks Nozomi Kaminashi to exchange email addresses. Nozomi cries while hugging Hanabi after figured out that there are only 2 contacts on her phone.


Nozomi and Hanabi discuss about how skillful Hanabi is. However, due to this, Hanabi had no friends in sports. As such, Hanabi tries to play online sport games. In the end, no one wants to play with her anymore. Because she was too talented.


Both Nozomi and Sayaka Miyata gazed at Nagisa Ujibe's picture. Suggesting she was slimmer, they believe that the photo has been photoshopped.


Nozomi mocks Yuko Oshima's t-shirts. While Oshima claims that she has two thousand of them.

HIP 34.5: YAMIKUMO AND MIYATA (闇雲と宮田, Yamikumo to Miyata)

Sachiko Yamikumo accompanied Sayaka to visit Hayashida at the hospital. While heading there, Yamikumo apologizes for her misunderstanding. She also states that she'll pay her attention to see Sayaka for becoming a great Keijo player.

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