Vacuum Butt Cannon


Yuzuki launches VBC

Kanji 真空烈尻
Romaji Shinkū Rekketsu
Type Butt technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 41
Anime Debut Episode 3

Vacuum Butt Cannon (真空烈尻, Shinkū Rekketsu) is a rare technique used in Keijo.

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The technique was invented by Ikumi Yuzuki. In order to perform this technique, it requires a buildup of numerous, rapid and violent twists of the hip, and when fully charged, unleashes a powerful linear shockwave from the user's butt, capable of shredding the swimsuits of their opponents. The shockwave can alternatively be held back in order to empower a melee attack. After she managed to master this technique, Nozomi uses it as her signature skill.


The high risk of the technique.

While powerful, there are high risks to using this technique. Due to the violent hip twists needed to build up energy for the technique, if not performed perfectly, hip damage is inevitable. The immediate symptom of not doing it correctly is debilitating hip pain. Repeated usage of the technique by someone who has not mastered it can cause permanent damage, effectively ending a Keijo player's career early should they use it too many times.[1] Due to this, the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" has been listed as a forbidden technique in Setouchi Keijo Training School to prevent such a possibility.

The power of "Vacuum Butt Cannon", if used correctly, as stated by Ujibe, cannot be stopped - It can be transferred/concentrated to a specified part of the user's body.

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In the anime, Nagisa Ujibe explains that those who have mastered this technique are able to become the Prize Queens. In the manga, there is no such statement.

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