Nozomi with the UTM

The "UTM".

The UTM (short for: Ujibe Tokubetsu Mizugi, 氏部特別水着, lit. "Ujibe's Special Swimsuit"; Funimation "Ujibe's Training Maillot") is a special swimsuit designed by Nagisa Ujibe. The item more resembles a racing suit. After Nozomi Kaminashi manages to accidentally perform the "Vacuum Butt Cannon", Nagisa Ujibe forbids her from using the said technique. However, when Nozomi insisted in learning how to do it properly, Ujibe gives her the "UTM" to wear for one month in order to test her willpower, but in practical terms, Ujibe was actually helping Nozomi prepare to master the technique so she wouldn't injure herself. The limbs of the wearer are fixated with reinforced rubber, restricting movement. As explained by Hitomi Hokuto, the wearer is forced to use their hips more efficiently, and she knows that Ujibe actually intends to develop Nozomi as an Infighter, instead of a Counter.

Known Users

Anime & Manga Differences

UTM episode7-0

UTMs in the anime

In the manga, there is only one "UTM" as it belongs to Ujibe. In the anime, the "UTM" is mass-produced and given to almost all of the Elite Class members to be used during the Training Camp.


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