Training Camp
Training Camp
Media Info
Volume(s) 6-7
Chapter(s) 56-64
Episode(s) 6-8
Class Exchange Eleventh East-West War

The Training Camp is an exclusive program offered to the Elite Class that gives students the opportunity for extra training and experience not found in a regular curriculum. Held annually in Kyoto, students are privately instructed by professionals in order to fuel their fundamentals and abilities. As it occurs before the East-West War, the camp is also used as preparation for the event.

Format and Layout Edit

Upon arrival, students are divided into three groups based on their Fighting Style: Infighters, Outfighters, and Counters. Each group is headed by a currently active professional Keijo player who specializes in that fighting style. The camp lasts for an unspecified amount of time, though it is known to be at least several days long. On the last day, practice races are held to gauge the students' improvement during the course of the camp.

Training Group Edit

Fighting Style Participants Instructor
Infighter Kyoko Shirayuki
Outfighter Miyo Harada
Counter Inoue

Training Camp Race Edit

Race# Participants Land Used Winner
1 Atsuko Yoshida vs. Non Toyoguchi Basic Non Toyoguchi
2 Rin Rokudo vs. Hanabi Kawai Basic Unknown
3 Usagi Tsukishita vs. Nozomi Kaminashi Basic Nozomi Kaminashi

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