Taichi Omotenishi
Biographical Info
Kanji 表西 太一
Romaji Omotenishi Taichi
Age 17[1]
Gender Male
Relatives Fumiko Omotenishi (Mother)
Professional Info
Occupation Student
Affiliation Shinkou High School
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Taichi Omotenishi (表西 太一, Omotenishi Taichi) is Nozomi Kaminashi's neighbour and friend.


He is a young man with short black hair.


Taichi is relaxed and friendly person, he merely believed that Keijo is totally just like Sumo, where players with more brute strength have the advantage.


Introduction Arc

He initially disallowed Nozomi to participate in Keijo, saying it wasn't suited her at all. After being defeated instantly in a trial match by Nozomi he changed his mind.[2]

Sweet Room Arc

When Nozomi passed the exam and was accepted into Setouchi Keijo Training School, he embarrassedly said that he will for Nozomi to come back after she become a great Keijo player and he'd want to try to get into national Olympic in the gymnastics. However Nozomi completely ignored him.[3]


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