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Suruga Keijo Training School (駿河競女養成学校, Suruga Keijo Yōsei Gakkō) located in the Kanto region, is one of the two Keijo training schools in Japan.

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Suruga is one of the two Keijo training schools in Japan. Suruga represents the East Japan, thus Suruga is Setouchi Keijo Training School's rival. Thanks to their sponsors, they have some stuff and facilities that are not owned by Setouchi, such as bigger training fields, cheerleaders, and personal trainers.[1][2]

Every once a year, Suruga and Setouchi held a traditional competition known as the "East-West War", to prove which one is better between the two. They have won ten times in total, while Setochi was never able to win, thus Suruga tends to look down on Setouchi. However, on the eleventh East-West Keijo War, Nozomi Kaminashi manages to break Suruga's 10-year winning streak.[3]

Unlike Setouchi, Suruga, however, does not treat their students differently, since all of them wears the same black PE uniforms. This means that the Elite Class system does not exist in Suruga. Despite this, Kaya Sakashiro remarks it's "pity" for her teammates (Hikari Muromachi and Midori Morimoto) for being defeated so quickly, as they are Suruga's top members, which means that Rank 7 and higher in Suruga are considered to be elites.

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