In Keijo, the term Sœur (スール, Sūru) means "master and apprentice". Rookies or newcomers will realize that they are lacking of experience. Thus, they need a mentor to train and guide them to become stronger. The agreement required from both sides to officially become soeur. A mentor is allowed to pick more than one player to become their apprentices.

They are not limited by their fighting styles. In other words, an Outfighter is allowed to be mentored by an Infighter (or vice versa). This system is established with the aim of preventing rookies from getting fatal injuries. Upon officially becomes soeur, a player will start addressing their mentor as "Onee-sama" (お姉さま, Onēsama), as a sign of respect.

List of Soeur

The following is a list of known Soeur.

Mentor Apprentice
Kyoko Shirayuki Hanabi Kawai
Sumire Sakuragi Nozomi Kaminashi
Sayaka Miyata
Meiko Ginya Jin Mutou
Ai Shinonome Kotone Fujisaki
Misaki Rindou Kukuru Kashiwaba

Former Soeur

The following is a list of Soeur, which, has been disbanded due to certain reasons, such as retirement and injuries.

Mentor Apprentice
Riko Ichikawa Sumire Sakuragi
Sanae Kirieda Kyoko Shirayuki
Hitomi Hokuto Suzuho Kato
Nagisa Ujibe Minamino


  • Sœur is French for "sister".


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