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Setouchi Keijo Training School (瀬戸内競女養成学校, Setouchi Keijo Yōsei Gakkō) located on the Awaji Island, Hyōgo Prefecture, is one of the two Keijo training schools in Japan.

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Setouchi is one of the two Keijo training schools in Japan. Setouchi represents the West Japan, thus Setouchi is Suruga Keijo Training School's rival. Setouchi accepted girls who are interested with Keijo, they will teach them all about Keijo, until the students graduate and enter the professional level of Keijo. The school is also opened for boys who are interested with Keijo to become a Keijo Engineer. The teachers here are retired Keijo players. Each year, Setouchi held exams for those who enroll into the school. However, they will only accept 40 examinees.[1]

A special class called the Elite Class is designed for ten examinees with the best grades, the Elite Class members receive an exception which makes half of their fees waived.[2]

There are four variants of the school swimsuits in Setouchi; the white with blue lines and the dark blue with white lines for the regular class, and the yellow with purple lines and the dark blue with red lines for the Elite Class. The regular class has red-colored tie, while the Elite Class has sky blue-colored tie. In addition, the regular class' PE uniform is maroon, while the Elite Class' PE uniform is aqua blue.

Setouchi's rival is Suruga Keijo Training School from the East Japan. Every once a year, they held a traditional competition known as the "East-West War", to prove which one is better between the two.[3] Suruga have won ten times in total, while Setochi was never able to win, thus Suruga tends to look down on Setouchi. However, on the eleventh East-West Keijo War, Nozomi Kaminashi manages to break the record, thus Setouchi's 10-year losing strike has ended.[4]

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