Second Exam
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Volume(s) 2-4
Chapter(s) 9-33
Episode(s) 1
First Exam Hip Toss Training

The Second Exam is the second and final phase of exam held by Setouchi. Those who pass this exam will finally be accepted into Setouchi. People with the best grades will be gathered in the Elite Class.

List of tests Edit

Hidden Test Edit

The hidden test is the first test of the second exam. When the examinees went to the shower room, all the doors will be locked, and a staff (Tsubasa Furukawa) will disguise as an examinee who wants to go to the toilet. Despite this, Nagisa Ujibe has told them not to cause any troubles. Thus, the group will be divided into two sides: those who want to help the girl to go to the toilet, and those who can't easily ignore about what Ujibe has said. The test ended up epic fail, since Sayuri Naka breaks the door.

Penalty Kick Edit

Penalty kick is the actual first test of the second exam. Examinees are required to hit a bunch of small balls by using their butts. Examinees are tested on whether they can differ the normal balls and the squishy balls.

Participants Score Rating
Kimura 6 hits Normal
Miho Hashimoto 5 hits Normal
Sayaka Miyata 12 hits Normal
Hanabi Kawai 10 hits Good
Kawakami 14 hits Bad
Sayuri Naka 10 hits Normal
Nozomi Kaminashi 13 hits Formerly Good, annulled to Normal
Yuko Oshima Unknown Normal

Mock Race Edit

The final test of the second exam is called "Mock Race". Examinees will fight one another in a trial match. They are splited into groups of twelve and they will race two times. "Road" is the Land that used for the final test.

First Race Edit

Participants Result
Nozomi Kaminashi Sinks after defeating Yamikumo
Yume Miki Defeated by Nozomi
Nanako Nara Defeated by Hanabi
Hana Morimoto Defeated by Hanabi
Hanabi Kawai Defeating all the participants, winning the match
Yuko Oshima Defeated by Hanabi
Sachiko Yamikumo Defeated by Nozomi
Kagami Oguri Defeated by Sayaka
Asuka Iori Defeated by Hanabi
Sayaka Miyata Defeated by Yamikumo
Sayo Miyahama Defeated by Hanabi
Miho Ono Defeated by Nozomi

Second Race Edit

Participants Result
Miho Hashimoto Defeated by Hanabi
Hitomi Azuma Defeated by Hanabi
Nozomi Kaminashi Defeated by Hanabi
Kagami Oguri Defeated by Hanabi
Yui Tanabe Unknown
Miu Kuga Engaged in a fight with Sayaka, result unknown
Akane Akatsuki Runs away from Hanabi
Sachiko Yamikumo Defeated by Sayaka
Youko Fujita Unknown
Nazuna Kishimoto Unknown
Sayaka Miyata Defeating Yamikumo
Engaged in a fight with Kuga, result unknown
Hanabi Kawai Defeating almost all of the participants

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