Satomi Shiomi

Shiomi Anime


Biographical Info
Romaji Shiomi Satomi
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Interviewer
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Anime Debut Episode 1

Satomi Shiomi is an interviewer.


Shiomi dressed in a formal suit, she has long braided hair and glasses.


Not like her arrogant partner, she acts cheerful and friendly to people. However she is also a reckless, trying to interview any Keijo examinees just because they caught her attention.


First Exam Arc

She appeared along with her partner Jun Sasaki on the first exam held by Setouchi Keijo Training School. One of examinees named Ooi caught her attention. When she was about to interview the examinees by random, she was scolded by Sasaki and was taught to prioritize the talented person. Later, both of them hesitated to choose between Nozomi Kaminashi and Sayaka Miyata, because the two obtained high scores.[1] They eventually decided to interview Nozomi.[2]

Sweet Room Arc

After the second exam finished and the examinees accepted into Setouchi. She appeared again with Sasaki on the day of entrance ceremony. Shiomi was about to interview Nozomi for a second time, but she was stopped by Sasaki, and was told that Nozomi was merely passed by luck.[3]

Anime & Manga Differences

Episode 8

  • Shiomi and Jun Sasaki appear while interviewing Ayako Sakashiro. Whereas in the manga, they didn't appear during the East-West War.


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