Riko Ichikawa
Riko Ichikawa
Biographical Info
Kanji 市川 梨子
Romaji Ichikawa Riko
Gender Female
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player (Formerly)
Rank S-Rank (Formerly)
Affiliation Hyougo Branch (Formerly)
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 95

Riko Ichikawa (市川 梨子, Ichikawa Riko) was an S-Rank Keijo player. She was Sumire Sakuragi's mentor. She is currently working at her parents' shop.

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Riko had a rivalry with Miku Kobayakawa. At some point, she became soeur with Sumire Sakuragi. However, due to an accident, Riko experienced myorrhexis on her hips area, causing her to stop being a player. Sumire thought that it was her fault.

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