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Reiko Fujisaki
Biographical Info
Kanji Fujisaki Reiko
Romaji 藤崎 玲子
Gender Female
Relatives Shigeo Fujisaki (Husband)
Kotone Fujisaki (Daughter)
Ai Fujisaki (Daughter)
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player (Formerly)
Rank Prize Queen (Formerly)
Affiliation Fujisaki Family
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 48 (Flashback)
Chapter 109 (Full Appearance)

Reiko Fujisaki (藤崎 玲子, Fujisaki Reiko) is a former Prize Queen. She is Shigeo Fujisaki's wife, and the mother of Kotone Fujisaki and Ai Fujisaki.


Reiko is a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length dark hair. She bears resemblance to her daughter, Kotone.



Reiko was a Keijo player. At some point she managed to attain the highest title in the professional world of Keijo, the Prize Queen. Thus, she was said to be a legendary Keijo player, who invented a lot of Keijo techniques.[1] She later taught her daughter, Kotone, in order to become a great Keijo player.



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