A depiction in the anime, Nozomi imagining that she becomes the Prize Queen.

The Prize Queen (賞金女王, Shōkin Joō) is the highest rank in the professional level of Keijo. There is only one Prize Queen in every era. Thus, those who want to obtain this title have to defeat the previous Prize Queen in the "Prize Queen Butt Settlement Tournament". Kotone Fujisaki's mother, who is said to be a legendary Keijo player that gave birth to a lot of Keijo techniques, was once held this title.[1] At some point, Nagisa Ujibe also managed to attain this title.[2] Fuyuyu Tsurugi is the current Prize Queen. Holding the title Prize Queen proves that the possessor is the strongest Keijo player in Japan. As such, this makes them included in the group of top five strongest Keijo players, the Five Butts.

The Prize Queens are:


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