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Take care of your own body. If you can't find a way without harming yourself, you won't have a career in Keijo! And you won't be the only one getting hurt. Your friends, rivals will have their share of pain. There are people working hard with you. Such people... will get hurt, too.
— Nagisa Ujibe in "HIP 53: WE NEED TO TALK!!!!"
Nagisa Ujibe
Biographical Info
Kanji 氏部 凪
Romaji Ujibe Nagisa
Alias Walrus
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Teacher
Keijo Player (Formerly)
Rank Prize Queen (Formerly)
Affiliation Setouchi Keijo Training School
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 10
Anime Debut Episode 1
Voiced by Mabuki Andō (Japanese)
Jamie Marchi (English)

Nagisa Ujibe (氏部 凪, Ujibe Nagisa) is a former champion Keijo player. She is currently working at Setouchi Keijo Training School as an instructor.

During her youth, she was able to attain the rank Prize Queen, and was nicknamed as the Siren. She was also the mentor of Minamino.


Nagisa Ujibe in her youth.

Ujibe is an obese woman. She has long reddish-orange hair. She also has a mole below her left eye and her arms and legs have a muscular like appearance. She used to be slimmer during her youth. Nozomi assumes that Ujibe wins too much that she enjoys a lot of benefits which causes her to become fat.[1]


She normally acts calm, a thoughtful middle aged woman. She tends to make jokes of her fatty figure, but she will get angry if someone makes fun of it.


Ujibe was a famous Keijo player during her youth. At some point, she earned the title "Siren", and managed to attain the highest rank in the professional level of Keijo, the Prize Queen. There were a lot of girls who decided to try Keijo because of the example Ujibe set.[2] Though it's unclear, she had a rivalry with Ayako Sakashiro.

At some point, Ujibe became soeur with Minamino. Right after Minamino's death, Ujibe took up her memo book, which filled about the idea of the "Fundoshi Mode", a technique she developed. Ujibe then told Minamino's friend, Naki Kujaku, that someday someone would be able to finish the technique Minamino was working on. When she retired, a Butt Graduation Festival was held with the prize of 100 million yen.

In the anime it is strongly implied that Ujibe did use the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" at least once during her career, and injured herself because of it.


Second Exam Arc

She first appeared as the instructor in the second exam. Her admirers shocked after finally figured out her real appearance. She asked for those who thought that her appearance was different from what they expected to raise their hands, claiming that she would eliminate them from the exam. However, it was simply a joke.

Sweet Room Arc

Early on into the school year, Ujibe tested the residents of Room 309: Nozomi Kaminashi, Sayaka Miyata, Kazane Aoba, and Non Toyoguchi in a trial race. She was able to easily outmatch the four students alone, as their combined efforts were nowhere close to her level. However, the trial race ended prematurely when Nozomi accidentally unleashed the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" and could no longer continue due to the hip damage it caused her. Ujibe recognized said technique immediately and expressed concern for Nozomi.

After Nozomi made a recovery, Ujibe called her to the staff room for a private conversation. While commending Nozomi for being able to perform such a difficult technique, Ujibe forbids Nozomi from ever using the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" again due to the risk of permanent hip damage and by extension, a shortened Keijo career, while stating that Nozomi would become a Counter type fighter. Nozomi protested this numerous times, and this resolve causes Ujibe to test said resolve. Ujibe commanded Nozomi to wear a "UTM" for an entire month (even sleeping in it) in order for her to prove her determination.

Class Exchange Arc

During the Class Exchange, Ujibe oversaw the numerous matches that take place. She payed special attention to Nozomi's race against Kotone Fujisaki to gauge her progress over the past month while wearing the UTM. When Nozomi resolved to use the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" to match Fujisaki's "Cerberus", Ujibe once again showed her concern. While Nozomi and Kotone build up for their final clash, they appeared to be even in strength until Ujibe noted how much more powerful the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" was than "Cerberus" due to the built up centrifugal force. After Nozomi defeating Fujisaki, Ujibe demanded to see Nozomi afterwards privately, much to the latter's fear.

In the infirmary, Nozomi panicked and prematurely apologized for using the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" without consent and anticipates a spanking from Ujibe. However, Ujibe instead checked for any hip damage Nozomi might have gained from using the technique again. After commending Nozomi for her prowess and her proficiency with the "Vacuum Butt Cannon", Ujibe removed the ban on the technique but also again warned Nozomi of the dangers of abusing it. She was then seen congratulating the residents of Room 309 for their promotion into the Elite Class, especially Kazane who believed her defeat would not let her advance. Later on, instructors Hitomi Hokuto and Miku Kobayakawa debate whether or not the four girls from Room 309 all deserved a promotion. Ujibe then referenced the upcoming "East-West War", stating that this year's students could win it for the west.

Training Camp Arc

Ujibe informed Miku Kobayakawa that Nozomi has been allowed to become an Infighter instead of a Counter.

The East-West War Arc


Rehabilitation Arc

After learning that Nozomi could no longer make her nipples standing up, as a side-effect of passing the strength of the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" into her nipples, Ujibe stated that Nozomi would not be able to become a professional player. As such, she advised Nozomi to meet Ayako Sakashiro to find a physician in order to rehabilitate them.

The Debut War Arc

On the day of the graduation, Ujibe punched Nozomi for making fun of her. Despite this, Nozomi was later willing to bow down to her, stating that she would not forget what she has learned from Ujibe, thanking her. On the same day, she gave Minamino's memo book to Sayaka Miyata, believing that Sayaka would be able to master the "Fundoshi Mode", a technique invented by Minamino.


Ujibe is a retired famous Keijo player, formerly known as the "Siren", and is a former Prize Queen. She is able to outmatch student-level fighters easily. Despite her build these days, she has incredible reflexes as she was when she was younger and slimmer.

Anime & Manga Differences

Episode 2

  • Ujibe's past is depicted before she fights Room 309 for the trial match. In the manga, Ujibe's past is depicted during the second exam.
  • In the anime, Ujibe's title is the "Alluring Siren", whereas in the manga she is simply known as the "Siren".

Episode 3

  • In the manga, right after the trial match against her, Hitomi Hokuto announces that they'll divided into one of three fighting style in Keijo. While Room 309 went to the cafeteria. In the anime, they went to bath instead.
  • Right after announcing the fighting style of all students, and Nozomi Kaminashi's being the last to hear what her fighting style will be, Hokuto states that Nozomi needs to talk with Ujibe regarding this matter. In the manga, Hokuto states "no comment" about Nozomi's fighting style, Ujibe then approaches her while saying that they need to talk.
  • In the anime, it is implied that Ujibe was injured for using "Vacuum Butt Cannon" during her youth.
  • In the manga, Ujibe announces that Nozomi is temporary classified as a Counter type fighter. In the anime, there is no such statement.
  • In the manga, when Nozomi begs to Ujibe, she recalls how it was similar to her, where she also once begged to her teacher. In the anime, Ujibe didn't recall about begging to her teacher.
  • In the manga, Rin arrogantly lets one of the other participants to draw the Land for their match. In the anime, Ujibe states one of them have to draw the Land.

Episode 5

  • Ujibe announces that results of the class exchange match will be released that night. In the manga, the results are released the next morning.
  • Nozomi, Sayaka Miyata, and Non Toyoguchi have seen the results, with Kazane Aoba being the only one that hasn't figured out the results. Thus Kazane is still depressed and gives her data book to Nozomi, speculating that she will be dropped out. All of her friends then invite her to see the bulletin board, as Kazane figures out that the four of them have been promoted into the Elite Class. While Ujibe approaches them and tells that Kazane forces Mio Kusakai to use her secret technique, which is actually banned. In the manga, Nozomi invites Kazane to talk with Ujibe, therefore they meet Hanabi Kawai who explains to Nozomi and her friends that Mio is currently being punished for using a forbidden technique. Shortly after, Ujibe hears them murmuring outside, allowing them to enter to the room. Mio then admits that she is forced to use that forbidden technique. While Ujibe states that she'd like to see Kazane's improvement.

Episode 7

  • In the manga, during the training camp, the Elite Class is only accompanied by Miku Kobayakawa. Whereas in the anime, Ujibe also goes to the training camp, and is seen talking alongside Kyoko Shirayuki.
  • In the manga, there is only one "UTM" as it belongs to Ujibe, who gives it to Nozomi Kaminashi in order to master the "Vacuum Butt Cannon". In the anime, the "UTM" is mass-produced and given to almost all of the Elite Class members.


  • (To Nozomi Kaminashi) "Take care of your own body. If you can't find a way without harming yourself, you won't have a career in Keijo! And you won't be the only one getting hurt. Your friends, rivals will have their share of pain. There are people working hard with you. Such people... will get hurt, too."[3]

Races & Events


Events participated:


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  • Ujibe has a t-shirt with 4chan's logo printed on the front.


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