Miho Hashimoto
Biographical Info
Kanji 橋本 美歩
Romaji Hashimoto Miho
Gender Female
Relatives 5 Siblings
Professional Info
Occupation Wrestler
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 9 (Cameo)
Chapter 11 (Full Appearance)

Miho Hashimoto (橋本 美歩, Hashimoto Miho) was one of the examinees who tried to enroll into Setouchi Keijo Training School.

Appearance Edit

Hashimoto has long wavy hair.

Personality Edit

An individual who'd like to share rivalry relationships. She doesn't really care about other examinees and treating them all as rivals. She is also a paranoid, thinking things too far and and tends to exaggerate a matter.

Background Edit

Before trying Keijo, Hashimoto was a wrestler, and the Champion of National Wrestling.[1]

Plot Edit

Second Exam Arc Edit

Hashimoto enrolled into Setouchi Keijo Training School and took the exams. She passed the first exam and continued to the second exam. Hashimoto went to bath and was trapped in the shower room along with other examinees. Noticing there was no other way to exit, Yuko Oshima tried to break the door. Suddenly, Hashimoto stopped her, reminding that Nagisa Ujibe has said to not cause any trouble. She protected the door with her followers to avoid other examinees from breaking the door by force. However, Nozomi Kaminashi also tried to destroy it. Hashimoto stopped her and questioned if she didn't listen to her. Nozomi answered she did but there is a girl who need to go to the toilet immediately. Hashimoto denied her reason and insisted to block the door, stating it would better to wait for help, and they were all rivals thus no need to care each other. Sayuri Naka tried to mediate and talk to her, but Hashimoto was still insisted. Eventually, Naka who was angered by her statement, decided to break the door by herself.[2]

Kawai defeats Hashimoto

Hashimoto was knocked by Hanabi.

The next day, she started to dilute the atmosphere due to last night incident. However, Nozomi and others ignored her. On the second test of the second exam, Hashimoto was tricked by Sachiko Yamikumo to believe that Nozomi, Sayaka Miyata and their comrades were cheating.[3] Later, she continued to the third and final test of the second exam, the mock race. On the second race, she got the same turn in group 3 along with Nozomi and 10 other examinees. She abetted with Hitomi Azuma, Kagami Oguri, and Akane Akatsuki to gang up Nozomi. However, Hanabi Kawai interrupted the fight, she shocked when Hanabi easily defeated both Oguri and Azuma. Hashimoto tried to attack her, but Hanabi made a counter and also defeated her in an instant. She was knocked, fell down to the Land, and unable to continue.[4]

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References Edit

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