Megumi Kaminashi
Biographical Info
Kanji 神無 めぐみ
Romaji Kaminashi Megumi
Age 15[1]
Gender Female
Relatives Nobuo Kaminashi (Father)
Mitsuki Kaminashi (Mother)
Nozomi Kaminashi (Sister)
Takeru Kaminashi (Brother)
Professional Info
Occupation Student
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Megumi Kaminashi (神無 めぐみ, Kaminashi Megumi) is Nozomi Kaminashi's younger sister, and the older sister of Takeru Kaminashi.


Megumi is a very young girl. She wears glasses. Her hair is tied into two buns.


Much like her sister, Megumi is a cheerful and bubbly person.


At some point, her mother was hospitalized. When she was still a child, her mother eventually passed away, Megumi helplessly cried. Right before her death, Mitsuki told her sister, as the eldest daughter, to take care of her siblings. Megumi and her siblings then lived in a very poor condition.[2][3] Due to this poverty, her sister, Nozomi, kept working hard, to the point where her friends said that her body never stopped moving.[4] Nozomi attended Shinkou High School in Kobe. Upon entering Shinkou, her sister has became a pretty skilled gymnast.[5] Thus Nozomi was invited by colleges with the best gymnastic programs. However, Nozomi then learned about Keijo, a gambling, water sport, knowing that its players got paid so much if they win a match. As such, Nozomi refused all offers of joining athletics college and decided to become a Keijo player in order to bring her family out of poverty.


Introduction Arc

Megumi first appeared at her house, questioning her sister if something happened yesterday. Nozomi was blamed by her friends after declaring her intention to become a Keijo player, but she decided not to tell her siblings about this. A short time later, Taichi Omotenishi knocked the door and entered, Megumi teased that Nozomi and Taichi were going to hang out together, guessing it could be a date, only to be rejected by Nozomi.[6]

The next day, Megumi and Takeru were complaining to Nozomi for getting eggs for their breakfast, since they were tired of eating eggs. Shortly after, Taichi's mother, Fumiko Omotenishi entered their house, while bringing some meat, thus Megumi thanked her. Nozomi then said that she was probably going to live in the dormitory of her new school, thus Fumiko invited Nozomi's siblings to live with her.[7]

First Exam Arc

While throwing the garbage, her neighbour came out and greeted Megumi. She was later asked where was her sister. Megumi replied that she went to get a job. Her neighbour proceed questioning her about where Nozomi went, Megumi stated that she went to the gambling industry, leaving her neighbour confused.[8]

Sweet Room Arc

When Nozomi passed the exam and was accepted into the Setouchi Keijo Training School, Fumiko Omotenishi took care of both Megumi and Takeru.[9]

Anime & Manga Differences

Megumi does not appear in the anime.

Episode 6


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