Keijo!!!!!!!! Wiki

Land (ランド, Rando) is a floating platform where Keijo matches are held. "Basic" is the most used Land for trial matches. Despite this, there are many types of Lands with different features. Different types fit different numbers of people and have different weight limits.

List of Lands

The following is a list of known Lands used for Keijo matches.

Image Name Description
Basic Land.jpg Basic Designed for training. It has no special features at all. This is also the most used Land for trial matches.
Mountain Land.jpg Mountain Mostly used for training. Similar to the "Basic" model, with the inclusion of a bump.
Conveyor Land.jpg Conveyor The "Conveyor" Land type is able to move around.
Net Land.jpg Net It is made of rope. It is hard to stand firm, and the wind affects players who stand there. As such, players can lose their balance easily and it is also hard to move around. However, at a first glance it seems that the rope is tight everywhere, but in fact, there are some very tight areas, and there are some very loose areas.
Road Land.jpg Road "Road" is a large type arena. It is consisted of multiple wide platforms with numbers printed on them. These wide platforms are linked by multiple long roads. This Land consists of two zones, a wide area and a narrow area.
Seesaw Land.jpg Seesaw At a first glance "Seesaw" is the same type as "Basic". However, the bottom of the Land is a big half globe, which makes it tilt heavily. Thus, players are balanced if they stand at the center. However, if more than one people gather at the rim, the Land will flip over. This Land resembles the real version of Seesaw.
Fountain Land.jpg Fountain As the name suggests, the water is sprouted from the center of the Land. As such it keeps the Land's surface constantly wet. Thus, this Land is extremely slippery.
Pole Land.jpg Pole This Land is consisted of multiple poles that plugged into the pool. In order to stand, players need to step onto two poles.
Jungle Gym.jpg Jungle Gym The "Jungle Gym" is a wide, skyscraper Land model, completely made of pipes. The Outfighters are disadvantaged when fighting on this Land, as they can easily be wiped out by the strength of the Infighters. Players with acrobatic skills tend to move by swinging around the pipe. This Land heavily resembles the real version of the Jungle gym.
Flight Land.jpg Flight This Land is consisted of two air planes which are put side by side on the center of the pool. The balance of this Land can be flipped over if two players stepped onto the air planes' wings.
Castle Land.jpg Castle "Castle" is a very wide fortress. This Land fully resembles the real version of Japanese castle. This Land will be lowered if more than two players sink.
Mud Land.jpg Mud As the name suggest, the mud is put all over the Land. Thus, this Land resembles the "Fountain" model which is also slippery. Players are allowed to utilize the mud for their attacks/techniques.