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Nice to meet you everybody. I'm Kukuru Kashiwaba.
— Kukuru Kashiwaba in "HIP 110: REIKO FUJISAKI!!!!"

Kukuru Kashiwaba
Biographical Info
Kanji 柏葉 くくる
Romaji Kashiwaba Kukuru
Alias Butt Metamorphic
Gender Female
Professional Info
Occupation Keijo Player
Rank A-Rank (Formerly)
S-Rank (Currently)
Affiliation Tokyo Branch
Under Hips
Fighting Style Infighter
Main Ability Butt Shapeshifting
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 110

Kukuru Kashiwaba (柏葉 くくる, Kashiwaba Kukuru) is an A-Rank Keijo player from the Tokyo Branch, and the leader of the Under Hips. She is nicknamed as the Butt Metamorphic (変尻質, Henketsu Shitsu). Her mentor is Misaki Rindou, one of the Five Butts.

Sometime later, Kukuru advances to the S-Rank.


Kukuru has a pale face. She is a young woman with her hair tied up in a bun. Kukuru has two hair pins attached on her bangs.



Originally, Kukuru was the Japan's representative in other field. However, an accident forced her to withdraw from that sport. One of the Five Butts, Misaki Rindou, then recruited Kukuru to become a Keijo player. Misaki began mentoring Kukuru ever since. On the other hand, Kukuru felt gratitude towards Misaki for "saving" her.


Unlimited Panty Arc

Kukuru warns

Kukuru demands Reiko.

Kukuru went to the Butt Island, infiltrating the Fujisaki Family's residence. Hiding herself near the bamboo rod, Kukuru overheard everything from both Ai and her mother.[1] Kukuru retrieved a voice recorder she had put earlier, and warned Reiko to stop from spreading the "Unlimited Panty" while also demanding her to destroy all the copies. When the guards came and shot her with rubber bullets, Kukuru was able to deflect them all by using her "Soft Butt". Ai enraged as one of the bullets accidentally hit her mother, assaulting Kukuru with her "T-Hips".[2]

Kukuru Punshied by Fuyuyu

Kukuru punished by Fuyuyu.

Despite this, Kukuru was able to overpower Ai, Nozomi and Sayaka. When she was about to finish Nozomi off, a mysterious hooded woman stopped her. Surprised, Kukuru noticed that the hooded woman was Fuyuyu Tsurugi, one of the Five Butts. Fuyuyu asked her who was the one ordered her to do something that tarnished the name of East. A panicked Kukuru replied that she couldn't answer it. Thus, Fuyuyu decided to punish her.[3] Later, Fuyuyu was found collapsed on the ground.[4]

Butt Graduation Festival Arc



  • Kukuru changes her butt's surface.
  • Kukuru hardens her butt.
  • Kukuru softens her butt.
  • Kukuru releases the "Dysonic Hip".
  • Kukuru performs the "Dump Butt Roll".
  • Kukuru uses the "Raging Breast Fist".

Kukuru is an A-Rank player. Her specialty allows her to change her butt's surface as she wishes. Being mentored by one of the Five Butts, Kukuru is also able to perform various Keijo techniques.

Butt Shapeshifting: Kukuru is able to drastically change her butt's surface from incredibly soft to incredibly hard as a rock, or vice versa. Thus, this makes her possessing two types of butts, hard butt and soft butt. This ability also supports Kukuru in order to fool her opponent. For instance, when she infiltrates Fujisaki's residence. As such, they mistook her for a real rock.

  • Stone Hip (ストーン・ヒップ, Sutōn Hippu): Kukuru clenches her butt that it becomes hard as a rock, before lunges at her opponent. This attack can be dodged by Fuyuyu Tsurugi with little effort.
  • Rock Butt (岩尻, Gunketsu): Kukuru is able to harden her butt's surface, causing it heavier. By doing so, she is able to catapult herself to outwit her opponent.
  • Soft Butt (軟尻, Nanketsu): Kukuru is able to lighten her butt's surface, causing it lighter. By doing so, she is able to obtain additional speed. Moving flexibly circling her opponent.

Dysonic Hip (ダイソニック・ヒップ, Daisonikku Hippu): When she is pushed backwards by Ai that she is bumping into the ruins, Kukuru is able to absorb the fragments before firing them towards her opponent.

Dump Butt Roll (デンプ尻ロール, Denpu Ketsu Rōru): By spirally shaking her butt over and over again, Kukuru makes her butt shaper. She then tries to cut her opponent by using her butt.

Raging Breast Fist (乳・爆烈拳, Chichi Bakuretsuken): Using her own breasts as boxing gloves, Kukuru pushes both of her breasts and tries to punch her opponent, releasing successive attacks.


  • "Nice to meet you everybody. I'm Kukuru Kashiwaba."[5]

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