Many techniques can be found in Keijo. Keijo players are only allowed to use Chest Techniques (胸技, Mune Waza) and Butt Techniques (尻技, Shiri Waza). Despite this, they can also use some other tricks to outwit their opponent, as long as they don't use any other body parts to attack the opponent, besides their chest and hips. For instance, using their hands in order to support them to perform a Keijo technique. Additionally, there are special abilities possessed by certain Keijo players.

Below is a list of all the techniques shown in the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series so far. CTRL+F may help you find techniques you want to search.

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List of Keijo Techniques

Chest Techniques

1.6 Kilo Breast Cannon
1.6 Kilo Breast Napalm
BTB Attack
Boob's Style Final Heaven
Boob Dunk
Boob Slap
Breast Copter
Breast Hypnosis
Breast Stick
Deadly Boob Burst
Evil Bust
Exploding Boob Sniper
Exploding Breast Fist
Explosive Breast Fist
Flame Prison of Red Pile Piper
Full-Power Chest Bat
Gigantic Pie Pile Piper
Hell and Heaven
Internal Bust Release
Invisible Bust
K-cup Magnum
Massive Boob Bomb
Monza Bust
New Love Kiss
Paladin Knight's Bust
Paradise Boob Wave
Pie Pile Piper
Pie Pile Full Piper
Pie the Flash
Pie Punch
Piercing Fang Bust
Pulse Pyzar
Pure Boob Grab
Quick-Draw Breast Sword
Rail Pie Gun
Raging Breast Fist
Rising Dragon Breast
Rock Pile Anchor
Run Run Bust
Single Pie Pile Piper
Sonic Cheech
Spike Bust
Thunder Fall
Twin Busts Roaring-Bullet
Vector Breast Cannon
Warp the Shot
X Breast Assault

Hips and Butt Techniques

200 HV Takemikazuchi
Attack on Titan's Butt
Barbare Je Suis Plein
Battle Waltz
Beheading Butt Sword
Breathless Butt Gatling
Bonn B Way
Burst of Eternity
Butt An Roulette
Butt Black Mud
Butt Boomerang
Butt Cannon
Butt Flash
Butt Gatling
Butt Guillotine
Butt Hardening
Butt Hurricane
Butt Missile Type 5 Kancho MISSILE
Butt Pot Hundred Fury Attack
Butt Sandstorm
Butt Transmutation
Butt of Vajra
Butt Wave
Calligraphic Butt Attack
Chainsaw Hip
Deadly Snake Butt
Derringer Hip
Demon Butt Hammer Strike
Dolphin Hip
Double Lighting Spear
Dump Butt Roll
Dysonic Hip
Enhanced Butt of Vajra
Ex Butt Plosion
Fairy Butt
Full-Power Cerberus
Full-Strength Full-Power Vacuum Butt Cannon
Flying Butt Slash Claw
Giant Drop Hip
Giant Swing Butt
God Hip Impact
Grow Hip Strike
Guard Waltz
Hammer Hip
Heat Butt
Heaven Hip Spot
Heavy Bow Butt Spear
Highbolt Chair
Hip Nip Shock
Hip Up
Internal Butt Release
Merci C'était Très Bon
Meteor Hip
Mirror Butt
Multiple Butt Clone Technique
Muscle Ass
Neck Killer
Original Vacuum Butt Cannon
Piercing Fang Butt
Pulse Ass
Queen of Hip
Quick-Draw Butt Sword
Reprimand Butt of Vajra
Scorpion Butt Shot
Shooting Butt Star
Spetsnaz Knife Hip
Shadow Butt Afterglow
Single Spear Robust Butt
Sneaking Hip
Spinning Rabbit Hip
Strawberry Kiss
Stone Hip
Sturdy Demon Butt
Sturdy Demon King Butt
Suction Exploding Butt
Suction Exploding Butt Wave
Superfast Connection Hip Up
Super Tremor Exploding Butt
Surface-to-Surface Butt Missile
Shadow Butt Afterglow
Sweeping Flash Strike
Thunder Butt Takemikazuchi
Thousand Barrier Hip
Triple Cyclone
Turtle Shell Butt
Ultimate Novelty COckscew
Ultra Super Butt Festival Duet
Vacuum Butt Cannon
Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 0
Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 1
Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 2
Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 2: Butt Restraint
Vacuum Butt Cannon Type 2: Rear End
Vacuum Butt Cannon Model 3: Fujin Evil Butt
Vibe Ring Hip
Yuzuki's Style Vacuum Butt Cannon

Combination Techniques

Butt Punch
Bright Bridge Straight Drop
Double Butt Bridge
Depth Charge Cherry Blossom Butt
Double Butt Gatling
Hipp Train
Killing Method Battleship Butt
Triple Butt Shot
Vacuum × Beheading Butt Sword
Water Moon Killer

Throwing Techniques

Big Inner Butt Throw
Floating Half-Hip Butt Throw
Inner-Thigh Butt Throw
Large Outer Butt Throw
Lock Hip Heaven
Spring Nipple Throw
Swallow Butt Counter Throw
Sweeping Butt Throw

Acceleration Techniques

Smooth Butt Acceleration

Special Abilities

Berserk Mode
Boob Soul
Butt Shapeshifting
Butt Smell
C Limit Break
Crashtime of Nip
Extraordinary Lung Capacity
Electricity Manipulation
Electric Boob
Electric Butt
Fatality Attacks
Full Open
Gravity Ass
Heart Break
Hip of Babylon
Illusion Creation
Neith Butt Bolg
Rock Butt
Soft Butt
Scanning Hand
Special Sensitivity
True Cerberus
White Fang
Wind Blade Creation


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