Below is a list of rules of Keijo.

Regular Match

Maya Sakashiro explaining the rules.

  • Usually six players will race together (there are exceptions).
  • Players are only allowed to attack their opponents with hips and chests (however using hands and legs to their own bodies are acceptable).
  • Falling from the land, or falling down to the land are counted as a loss.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the land with anything besides their feet. Touching the land with their hands are considered as a fall.
  • Illegal maneuvers, for instance, using other limbs like hands and legs to attack the opponents, will end with a ban. A professional player will be banned for a half year in official match after 2 incidents.
  • The match rankings are decided on sinking other players.
  • The last person standing on the land is the winner.
  • The time limit is 5 minutes (there are exceptions).

Team Match

There are slighty differences with the rules for team matches.

  • Teamed up each others and usually fight in 4 vs 4.
  • There are no match rankings.
  • The team who loses all of their players first is the loser.
  • If a match ends before reaching the time limit, the remaining players will be ranked by points. Based on how many opponents they have sunk.
  • Illegal maneuvers will end with the team responsibility. As such, the team will lose the entire match.


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