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A Keijo Player (競女選手, Keijo Senshu) is a sportswoman who participates in Keijo.

Becoming a Keijo Player

In order to become a player, girls who are interested with Keijo must firstly enroll into a Keijo training school, and participating in exams which held by the school in order to eliminate them. Once they were accepted and became official students, they will learn everything related to Keijo. Upon graduation, they will enter the professional level of Keijo.


After graduating from their respective school, a student will officially become a Keijo player and will be affiliated with a Branch, based on their hometown. For example, Nozomi Kaminashi, who was born in Kobe, Hyougo Prefecture. Thus, Nozomi would be affiliated with the Hyougo Branch.

Player Ranks

Player ranks in the professional level of Keijo are classed into Ranks of C, B, A, S and the Prize Queen. Regular students will start from C-Rank. However, the Elite Class of Setouchi Keijo Training School is said to be equal to C-Rank. Thus when they debuted they can start straight from B-Rank. The Prize Queen refers to the strongest Keijo player in Japan. As such, there is only one Prize Queen in every era.

Ranking Points

While the system for the higher ranks remain unknown, Sumire has explained that, in every term, B-Rank players need to achieve 200 points in order to advance to the A-Rank. In regular races, they can get 5 points if they finish in first place, 4 points for second place, 3 points for third place, 2 points for fourth place, 1 point for fifth place, and 0 points for sixth place. However, in large scale tournaments, they can get 10 points if they finish in first place in the preliminaries. In the semifinals and finals, the first place also gets 10 points.


The association has the rights to demote a player due to several reasons For example, Jin Mutou, an A-Rank player who was demoted to the B-Rank due to her cruel behaviour as she likes torturing her opponent.


The association also has the rights to decide the promotion for players. For example, Meiko Ginya, who has surpassed that of an S-Rank in terms of ability. However, the association disallows her from advancing since Meiko keeps causing trouble. As a result, Meiko is "stuck" in the A-Rank.

Fighting Styles

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Keijo Players are divided into three types of fighting styles, Infighter, Outfighter, and Counter.


Main article: Soeur

Sœur (スール, Sūru) means "master and apprentice". Rookies or newcomers will realize that they are lacking of experience. Thus, they need a mentor to train and guide them to become stronger.


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