Keijo Engineers

A bunch of Setouchi's Engineers.

A Keijo Engineer (競女技師, Keijo Gishi) is a position in charge of developing, maintaining, delivering the equipments, and designing the Lands and Races.

Becoming a Keijo Engineer Edit

Both Setouchi and Suruga accept boys to become the Keijo Engineers. Once they were accepted and became official students, they will learn everything related to the Land. Upon graduation, they will be recruited as staff or workers in a specific Keijo Stadium. According to the rules, a Keijo player and an Engineer are not allowed to engage in a relationship. Thus, Sayuri Naka decides to cancel from becoming a player, since she falls in love with an Engineer.

Anime & Manga Differences Edit

The Engineer is not introduced nor appeared in the anime. However, the term is mentioned in Episode 12, when Hanabi Kawai interrupts Hikari Muromachi and Midori Morimoto. Hanabi asks to introduce her to them, especially a handsome one by saying; "Can someone introduce me to a handsome Keijo Engineer?" ( はいは~い。誰かイケメンの競女技師紹介してくれる人いませんか~?, Hai hai~ Dare ka ikemen no Keijo Gishi shōkai shite kureru hito imasen ka~?). In the manga, Hanabi asks to introduce her with Suruga's male students instead.

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