Kanji くい込ませ acceleration
Romaji Kuikomase acceleration
Dub W-Acceleration
Type Acceleration technique
Range Self range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 47
Anime Debut Episode 4

K-acceleration (くい込ませ acceleration, K-akuserarēshon short for Kuikomase acceleration; Funimation "W-Acceleration") is an enhancement technique invented by Sayaka Miyata.

Overview Edit

This technique grants the user a drastic boost of speed, making it ideal for Outfighters. The user pulls up their swimsuit to alleviate the pressure on their butt, thus having it cover less surface area. This released pressure lightens the stress and tightness of a swimsuit, allowing the user to move at greater speeds.

However, a major drawback is that having this technique active will cause strain on the user's butt and legs, directly scaling with the amount of time it is left active. As such, this technique cannot be kept active for too long, or else the user will experience heavy pain. Inexperienced users may find themselves unable to stand for a short duration afterwards if the technique is used without proper control or time management.

As an alternative, the user may simply use the technique at half power, "K-acceleration 1/2 (Half)" K-アクセラレーション・1/2(ア・ハーフ), K-akuserarēshon 1/2 A Hāfu), partially pulling up their swimsuit to reduce the stress on their body, although the subsequent speed boost will not be as effective as usual. A stronger version, namely "K-acceleration: Full Purge" (K-アクセラレーション・フルパージ, K-akuserarēshon Furu Pāji), has the user tear their swimsuit to completely remove pressure for an unmatched colossal level of speed.

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Trivia Edit

  • The term Kuikomase means a suicidal nature of movement, referring to the risk of the ability after being deactivated. However, it also literally means a "wedgie".

References Edit

  1. Chapter 47, pages 3-9

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