Hipp Train

Hikari and Midori perform fusion


Kanji 二人一水着
Romaji Futari Ichi Mizugi
Hippuppu Torein
Dub Hip-Hip Train
Type Combination technique
Range Short to Mid range
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 81

Hipp Train: Two People One Swimsuit (二人一水着 (ヒップップ・トレイン), Futari Ichi Mizugi Hippuppu Torein; Funimation "Complete Ultimate Combination: Hip-Hip Train") is a technique used in Keijo.

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This is a combination technique performed by Hikari Muromachi and Midori Morimoto, with the two fusing as fighters together. Hikari inserts herself inside Midori's swimsuit to combine their power. As such, they claim that they are no longer separate players, but one player who is able to perform Suruga's best chest and butt techniques. Their damage also increases twofold.

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