Funabashi Branch antagonizes others.

The Funabashi Branch (船橋支部, Funabashi Shibu) is a subdivision for Keijo players under Kanto. Funabashi is a very small venue for Keijo in the East Japan. There are not much audiences there. The players tend to be hostile towards the other branches, and will gang up on them to achieve points. Despite this, they still show their solidarity. The most veteran player of the Funabashi Branch is Rio Kosugi. Rio once dreamed of bringing the excitement to Funabashi by defeating the Five Butts. However, she was fatally injured and needed to hiatus from participating in Keijo. After her match with Nozomi Kaminashi, Rio is grateful that the audiences can enjoy her fight with Nozomi, even though she loses.


Keijo players affiliated with the Funabashi Branch include:


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