Fumiko Omotenishi
Fumiko Omotenishi (Taichi's mother)
Biographical Info
Kanji 表西 ふみ子
Romaji Omotenishi Fumiko
Gender Female
Relatives Taichi Omotenishi (Son)
Professional Info
Occupation Housewife
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 3

Fumiko Omotenishi (表西 ふみ子, Omotenishi Fumiko) is Taichi Omotenishi's mother.


She is an obese woman. She wears a shirt with a picture of tiger.


Fumiko is a kind hearted person, and does really care about Nozomi and her siblings. She is willing to bring lots of food for them due to their poor condition.


Introduction Arc

She first appeared visiting Nozomi and her siblings while bringing some meat for them, and checking the school pamphlet Nozomi wanted to attend. When Nozomi said she planned to live in the school dorms, she invited Nozomi's little sister and brother to live with her.[1]

Sweet Room Arc

When Nozomi passed the exam and was accepted into the Setouchi Keijo Training School, she took care of Nozomi's siblings.[2]


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