Fujisaki Family
Fujisaki Family
Kanji 藤崎家
Romaji Fujisaki-ke
Status Active
Notable Members Reiko Fujisaki
Shigeo Fujisaki
Ai Fujisaki
Kotone Fujisaki
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 110

The Fujisaki Family (藤崎家, Fujisaki-ke) has been known widely to have a great influence for the world of Keijo.


The head of the family, Reiko Fujisaki is a former Prize Queen. She has two daughters, namely Kotone Fujisaki and Ai Fujisaki, both of them currently are A-Rank players. While her husband, Shigeo Fujisaki is known for being a Keijo fan from the very beginning. The Fujisaki Family resides on the Butt Island. Due to being one of the elite families, the family forbids to build a deep relationship with regular players. As a result, Ai abandons the name of Fujisaki, leaves home, and changes her name into "Ai Shinonome". In order to restore the balance beetwen the East and West, the Fujisaki Family invents a strengthened swimsuit called the "Unlimited Panty".



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