Five Butts
Kanji 五尻
Romaji Goketsu
Status Active
Notable Members Fuyuyu Tsurugi
Ikumi Yuzuki
Naki Kujaku
Misaki Rindou
Hikaru Hoshide
Media Info
Manga Debut Chapter 110 (Mentioned)
Chapter 132 (Silhouette)
Chapter 146 (Full Appearance)

The title of Five Butts (五尻, Goketsu) refers to the top five strongest Keijo players in Japan, including the Prize Queen. Thus, the group consists of top four S-Rank players with the inclusion of a Prize Queen.


For the last several years, this title has been occupied by the same five players, as they manage to maintain their position. Surpassing 80% of winning strike, their abilities are on a different level compared to average players. Furthermore, it's been stated that they won't give the title to anyone else. All of them are East players, thus the Fujisaki Family plans on taking them down in order to restore the balance between the East and West.


  • Fuyuyu Tsurugi: The current Prize Queen. As the current strongest Keijo player in Japan, Fuyuyu always casually defeats her opponents by one-hit knock out with her "Electric Butt".
  • Ikumi Yuzuki: The creator of the "Vacuum Butt Cannon" technique that seems to be the most carefree person among the group.
  • Naki Kujaku: Outside of matches, Naki always wears a gas mask. An Outfighter capable of moving at hypersonic speeds, even with a weight of 10 ton attached on her butt. Naki has a special ability named "Crashtime of Nip" that makes everything looks slow for her.
  • Misaki Rindou: Outside of matches, Misaki is mostly seen accompanied by a huge bear. With her "Full Open" technique, Misaki can evolve her butt into that of a smiling demon face, receiving a large amount of strength.
  • Hikaru Hoshide: Outside of matches, Hikaru is mostly seen wearing a space suit. Hikaru has an immense, unbelievable strength. With her "Gravity Ass", Hikaru is capable of breaking a 50 ton platform with ease.


  • Prior to their identities being revealed, among the fandom, they have been nicknamed based on puns. These include: Asscalibur (Fuyuyu), Beastmasster (Misaki), Gass mask (Naki), and Asstronaut (Hikaru).
  • Out of the five members, Hikaru Hoshide is the only one to receive the English word "ass" for her signature skill, "Gravity Ass". The other four received the standard Japanese word (尻) "shiri" or "ketsu".


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