First Exam
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Volume(s) 1-2
Chapter(s) 4-8
Nozomi's First Race Second Exam

The First Exam is the first phase of exam held by Setouchi. Those who want to enroll into Setouchi must firstly submit their applications. If they are accepted, they are allowed to participate in this event.

Overview Edit

The first phase of the first exam is divided into multiple physical tests. Those who pass the first exam will advance to the Second Exam.

List of tests Edit

Vertical Jump Test Edit

Participants Score
Ooi 56cm
Mei Matsumoto 58cm
Sayaka Miyata 64cm
Nozomi Kaminashi 66cm


The goal of the final test required participants to form number "8" by using their hips.

Participants Score
Nishimori 74 times
Yamada 78 times
Nozomi Kaminashi 90 times
Sayaka Miyata 94 times
Sayuri Naka 99 times
Mei Matsumoto 76 times

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