Eleventh East-West War
Media Info
Volume(s) 7-9
Chapter(s) 65-87
Episode(s) 8-12
Training Camp Nozomi's Rehabilitation

The Eleventh East-West War is the eleventh annual competition of the East-West War held in the Shimizu Keijo Stadium.


Unlike the past ten years, the eleventh East-West War has a different format, which features team matches. Each school has three competing teams of four with one team per race, totaling up to twelve players per side. Matches are played four versus four in a single-elimination best of three races format. Prior to each race, the Land is randomly selected. The team with the last remaining players or with the last player to fall off the Land is declared the winner of the race.


First Race

Setouchi Team Suruga Team Land Used Result
Jungle Gym
  • Akari and Kaho defeating Mari
  • Mio, Kotone and Sayaka defeating Saki
  • Sayaka needs to recover after using her "K-acceleration"
  • Kotone fights Nami to protect Sayaka
  • Nami defeating Kotone
  • Sayaka defeating Nami
  • Mio defeating Akari and Kaho
  • Setouchi winning the first race

Second Race

Setouchi Team Suruga Team Land Used Result
  • Setouchi defeating Mai and Kei
  • Sanae and Ayase surviving
  • Sanae defeating Atsuko
  • Kazane begins to fight Sanae, while Non and Usagi fight Ayase
  • Non comes to help Kazane after manages to cause Ayase exhausted
  • Sanae defeating Usagi
  • Kazane and Non defeating Ayase
  • Sanae defeating Non
  • Sanae and Kazane are seen to be sunk at the same time
  • When viewing replay it shows that Kazane sinks first, since Sanae is saved by a whirlpool caused by her "Pie Pile Piper"
  • Suruga winning the second race, the outcome depends on the final race

Final Race

Setouchi Team Suruga Team Land Used Result
  • Nozomi begins to fight Maya
  • Rin and Hanabi fight Hikari and Midori
  • Tae interrupts the fight but is blown away by Maya
  • Hikari and Midori manage to corner Rin and Hanabi
  • Saya comes to help after manages to counter Tae
  • Saya defeating Hikari
  • Rin and Hanabi defeating Midori
  • Nozomi corners Maya, as a result Kaya takes over Maya's consciousness
  • Kaya defeating Tae for speaking too much
  • Kaya defeating Saya and Rin
  • Hanabi empowers Nozomi
  • Maya regains her consciousness after Nozomi motivates her
  • Nozomi defeating Maya
  • Setouchi winning the competition


Setouchi wins for the first time.

The 11th East-West War had started out with high levels of attention, with Setouchi unexpectedly taking the first race, finishing strong and displaying an unprecedented level of Keijo from the West. The second race was more even, with Suruga winning through the narrowest of margins. The third race ended with a climatic one on one duel between Nozomi Kaminashi of the west and Maya Sakashiro for the east. Nozomi came out on top, granting Setouchi its first ever victory of the East-West War since its inception. This massive upset then subsequently led to a higher public and organizational interest in western players once the Setouchi students graduated and moved into the professional scene.


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