East-West War

The East-West War.

The East-West War (東西戦, Tōzai-sen) is an annual Keijo competition held in Japan between Setouchi Keijo Training School and Suruga Keijo Training School of the west and east respectively. It is a showcasing of rising talent within the schools, and is the center of a nationwide rivalry.

History Edit

Prior to the events of the story, Suruga had won the competition ten consecutive times since its inception.

5th Annual East-West War Edit

Six years ago, Kyoko Shirayuki once participated in this event. She was ranked second in her team but was completely defeated by a lower ranked East player.

11th Annual East-West War Edit

Main article: Eleventh East-West War

Unlike the past ten years, the eleventh East-West War has a different format, which features team matches. Each school has three competing teams of four with one team per race, totaling up to twelve players per side. Matches are played four versus four in a single-elimination best of three races format. Setouchi eventually wins and puts an end to Suruga's 10-year winning strike. It's worth noting that Nozomi and pals are the first to win against Suruga.

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