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Daichi Sorayomi (空詠 大智, Sorayomi Daichi) is a Japanese manga artist and the creator of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Daichi was born in the Hyougo Prefecture. In January 2011, Daichi started his first series, titled Momi-Baraishi. As Momi-Baraishi finished in 2012, Daichi starts a new series, titled Keijo!!!!!!!!, it is published by Weekly Shōnen Sunday.


  • Momi-Baraishi (揉み払い師, lit. "The Rubbing Away Master") (2011-2012, collected in 3 tankōbon volumes, Club Sunday)
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! (競女!!!!!!!!, けいじょ, subtitled "HiP WHiP GiRL") (2013-2017, collected in 18 tankōbon volumes, Weekly Shōnen Sunday)

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