Class Exchange
The Class Exchange
Media Info
Volume(s) 5-6
Chapter(s) 44-55
Episode(s) 3-5
UTM Training Training Camp

The Class Exchange is an event held by Setouchi Keijo Training School's teaching staff three months after the new academic year started.


This event is held by Setouchi's teaching staff. By participating in this event, students from the regular class are given the chance to advance to the Elite Class. They will race in groups of four. Each group contains a specific Elite Class member. As such, they have to face off against and defeat the Elite Class members. During the event, participants tend to work together in order to be able to defeat their opponents. Among her roommates, Kazane Aoba is the only one who lost. However, Nagisa Ujibe allows her to advance to the Elite Class since her opponent (Mio Kusakai) uses a forbidden technique.

Class Exchange Race

Race # Participants Land Used Winner
1 Seesaw Sayaka Miyata
2 Fountain Nozomi Kaminashi
3 Unnamed Land Non Toyoguchi
4 Pole Mio Kusakai

Anime & Manga Differences

The anime changes the schedule for the class exchange race, since Non's group gets their turn for the second match, Kazane's group gets their turns for the third match, and Nozomi's group gets their turn for the last match.


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