Chapter 99
Chapter 99
Kanji 見つけた!!!!
Romaji Mitsuketa!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 98 Chapter 100

HIP 99: FOUND YOU!!!! (見つけた!!!!, Mitsuketa!!!!) is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi blew Jin away, cornering her. But soon, Shizuka ambushed Nozomi for ignoring her warning. Jin and Shizuka then prepare to attack Nozomi at the same time. By jumping, Nozomi was able to dodge them, with Jin defeated Shizuka instead. Nozomi dodged Jin multiple times before unleashing her "Vacuum Butt Cannon", shreding Jin's swimsuit while also defeating all the remaining participants. Nozomi then expressed her enjoyment as she was finally able to achieve her first victory in the professional world of Keijo.

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