Chapter 98
Chapter 98.jpg
Kanji 武藤刃!!!!
Romaji Mutō Jin!!!!
Volume 11
Arc Soeur Arc
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HIP 98: JIN MUTOU!!!! (武藤刃!!!!, Mutō Jin!!!!) is the ninety-eighth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Sumire began treating Nozomi, while also rebuking her. Shortly after, Riko, Sumire's former mentor appeared to deliver instant meals. Riko talked to Nozomi that she was an S-Rank player, and had a rivalry with Miku Kobayakawa. But soon, Nozomi was informed by the association about her next match. On the other hand, Riko advised Sumire not to dwell about her injury and, instead, considering about Nozomi and Sayaka to become her apprentices. The next day, Ai and Suika were shocked upon learning that Nozomi and Sayaka were allowed to practice alongside Sumire.

Meanwhile at a shop, Nozomi was accompanied by Sumire's butler, who was requested to prepare some swimsuits for Nozomi. But soon, Nozomi was approached by Jin Mutou, an A-Rank player under the Chiba Branch. Jin questioned her if Nozomi was the rumored Sumire's apprentice. Before leaving, Jin threated Nozomi to be aware of her sharp butt. The next day, apparently Nozomi got the same turn as Jin. On the other hand, Shizuka Masuoka warned Nozomi to stay away from Jin as she and the other players have decided to get rid of Jin Mutou first. Despite this, Nozomi ignored them and approached Jin instead. As the match started, Jin released her "Spetsnaz Knife Hip" , but Nozomi was able to dodge it, before countering Jin with a considerably strong hip attack.

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