Chapter 97
Chapter 97.jpg
Kanji 皆が待ってる!!!!
Romaji Minna ga Matteru!!!!
Volume 10
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 96 Chapter 98

HIP 97: EVERYONE IS WAITING!!!! (皆が待ってる!!!!, Minna ga Matteru!!!!) is the ninety-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Tachisugi admitted that he underestimated Nozomi, before displaying his true abilities, defeating Nozomi for the first time. The coach told Tachisugi that he went overboard. Despite this, Nozomi challenged him again. However, Nozomi was defeated over and over again to the point where she was bruised. Sumire advised Nozomi to give up, but Nozomi refused, as everyone was waiting for her. Impressed, Sumire gave Nozomi a "clue". Thanks to said clue, Nozomi was finally able to defeat Tachisugi for the first time, expressing her enjoyment.

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