Chapter 95
Chapter 95.jpg
Kanji 直談判!!!!
Romaji Jikadanpan!!!!
Volume 10
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 94 Chapter 96

HIP 95: DIRECT TALKS!!!! (直談判!!!!, Jikadanpan!!!!) is the ninety-fifth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


The next day, as Sumire arrived for practice, Nozomi tried to approach her. Although Sumire was irritated at first, she was later willing to guide Nozomi. Ai then informed Sumire that Nozomi wanted to become soeur with her, much to Sumire's surprise. Sumire warned Nozomi not to expect to become soeur with her, as it would be her demise. Later, Ai explained Sumire's past to both Nozomi and Sayaka. In fact, Sumire used to be cheerful, much like Nozomi. However, Sumire had a mentor, who was fatally injured and, by now, experienced myorrhexis on her hips area. Sumire thought it was her fault. Thus, she began distancing herself with anyone. Despite this, Nozomi and Sayaka were still trying to approach Sumire. The next day, Nozomi and Sayaka appeared in Sumire's house. Shortly after, Sumire decided to run away. Both of them ended up following Sumire to a sumo stable.

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