Chapter 94
Chapter 94
Kanji 姉妹!!!!
Romaji Shimai!!!!
Volume 10
Arc Soeur Arc
Chapter 93 Chapter 95

HIP 94: SISTERS!!!! (姉妹!!!!, Shimai!!!!) is the ninety-fourth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Shirayuki clarified about what Hanabi said earlier that "soeur" was the term refering to "mentor and apprentice". Upon learning about Nozomi's winless start, Shirayuki advised Nozomi to find a mentor and request them to become soeur with her. The next day, Ai and Suika figured out that both Nozomi and Sayaka were talking about soeur. Ai and Suika stated that they could become their mentors, but Nozomi and Sayaka were freed to pick their own mentors, advising to learn about the other players. A short time later, Sumire came and explained about the advise she gave right before Nozomi's first match. She then asked Nozomi to attack her and not to hold back. Nozomi agreed and tried to attack Sumire. But soon, Sumire intimidated her, forcing Nozomi to retreat. Sumire stated that there were some other ways to fight in Keijo besides using their butts and chests. Nozomi thought that she found a mentor worthy of her respect.

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