Chapter 93
Chapter 93
Kanji 全敗スタート!!!!
Romaji Zenpai Sutāto!!!!
Volume 10
Arc The Debut War Arc
Chapter 92 Chapter 94

HIP 93: WINLESS START!!!! (全敗スタート!!!!, Zenpai Sutāto!!!!) is the ninety-third chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Right after her defeat, Nozomi stated that a race in the professional world was completely different than she imagined. While Nozomi apologized for being defeated, Sumire ignored her. Shortly after, Suika and Ai cheered her up. Both of them told Nozomi and Sayaka to exchange addresses. Suika explained that she and Ai, as their seniors, would definitely help them. The next day, Nozomi participated in two matches, but she lost in both of them. The next day, Nozomi lost again. In her dream, Nozomi was greeted by Beach-kun, who told her to win as soon as possible. Shocked, Nozomi woke up and went to a grocery store. After reading a magazine, Nozomi found out that Hanabi managed to win her debut match. Contacting Hanabi, Nozomi congratulated her. But soon, Hanabi asked Nozomi if she recalled about Kyoko Shirayuki, a player who coached them during the training camp. Hanabi revealed that she and Shirayuki have became sisters.

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