Chapter 92
Chapter 92.jpg
Kanji プロ初戦!!!!
Romaji Puro Shosen!!!!
Volume 10
Arc The Debut War Arc
Chapter 91 Chapter 93

HIP 92: THE FIRST PRO MATCH!!!! (プロ初戦!!!!, Puro Shosen!!!!) is the ninety-second chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


In her debut match, one of Nozomi's opponents, namely Suika, was aware that Nozomi was given an advise from Sumire. As the match started, Suika went to get rid of Nozomi first, since she thought that Nozomi would defend. However, instead of defended, Nozomi decided to attack her, rushing towards Suika. Nozomi managed to send her flying, and kept attacking her a couple times. Smilling, Suika apologized for underestimating Nozomi. However, she stated that Nozomi was still lack of experience. Another participant ambushed her from behind. Moreover, another player assaulted Nozomi again. Nozomi tried to run away, but Suika prepared her technique. Suika then finished her off, defeating Nozomi. The commentator announced that Nozomi lost within only forty seconds.

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