Chapter 91
Chapter 91
Kanji 桜木澄玲!!!!
Romaji Sakuragi Sumire!!!!
Volume 10
Arc The Debut War Arc
Chapter 89 Chapter 92

HIP 91: SUMIRE SAKURAGI!!!! (桜木澄玲!!!!, Sakuragi Sumire!!!!) is the ninety-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Preparing for her debut, Nozomi was confused upon seeing the division table. She knew nothing about her opponents and the Land used for her race. Realizing that they wouldn't be able to survive, Nozomi dragged Sayaka in order to gain information from the magazines. Unfortunately, they found nothing. Nozomi then gazed at her senior, who wanted to buy an ice cream but the seller couldn't accept a credit card. Nozomi approached her and tried to get some coins from below a vending machine. Though she accepted the coins, she scolded Nozomi for being reckless. She then realized that Nozomi was a newcomer, advising Nozomi to defend in her debut race. A short time later, Ai came and stated it was rare for Sumire for advising others. Sayaka questioned Ai if she knew her, Ai explained that Sumire was known for being the "Ice Mistress" since she avoided people. On the day of the race, Nozomi's siblings, neigbour, and teacher came in order to watch her.

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