Chapter 9
Chapter 9
Kanji マンモス宮田!!!!
Romaji Manmosu Miyata!!!!
Volume 2
Arc Second Exam Arc
Chapter 8 Chapter 10

HIP 9: MIYATA MAMMOTH!!!! (マンモス宮田!!!!, Manmosu Miyata!!!!) is the ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


While heading to Awaji Island, Nozomi was dreaming that Sayaka was actually a boy and that she didn't pass the first exam. Upon arriving there, Nozomi then found that Sayaka and Naka passed the exam. Naka then explained that Matsumoto didn't pass while advising to check what kind of people that pass the first exam. There were around 200 people, but only 40 would be accepted into Setouchi. The staff then announced that they were about to go to Setouchi for the second exam. They also gave surveys to examinees.

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