Chapter 88
Chapter 88
Kanji 自閉乳!!!!
Romaji Jihei Nyū!!!!
Volume 10
Arc Rehabilitation Arc
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HIP 88: RECLUSIVE BREAST!!!! (自閉乳!!!!, Jihei Nyū!!!!) is the eighty-eighth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi performed various ways in order to make her nipples stand up again, but none of them worked. Sayaka, who found about it, then brought Nozomi to Ujibe. While Ujibe stated that Nozomi couldn't be a professional player if her nipples couldn't stand up, telling her to get a physician to examine it. The next day, Nozomi went to Shizuoka as Ujibe told Ayako to accompany Nozomi. But soon, Nozomi was approached by Maya instead, who came on her mother's behalf. They later met a doctor, called Kokage Juumonji, that recommended by Ayako, Nozomi was quickly checked by the doctor. He then give a schedule to Nozomi, telling her that she would be better if she followed the schedule.

Characters in Order of Appearance


  • Kokage Juumonji is actually a character from Daichi Sorayomi's other work, Momi-Baraishi. In addition, Konami Juumonji also appears in this chapter.


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