Chapter 87
Chapter 87.jpg
Kanji 手打ち!!!!
Romaji Teuchi!!!!
Volume 9
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 86 Chapter 88

HIP 87: LET'S GET ALONG!!!! (手打ち!!!!, Teuchi!!!!) is the eighty-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi tried to talk with Maya, but she was surrounded by the media. After being defeated, Maya apologized to Ayako, though Ayako has adopted and trained her. Ayako suddenly hugged Maya, telling her not to dweel about her defeat since she did her best. Later that night at the best, Hikari and Midori approached Nozomi, congratulating her. Hikari then asked about Setouchi's training methods, but Kawai suddenly asked Suruga to introduce her to their male students, which replied by Midori that they couldn't do that. However, Kusakai began flirting with Midori and asked to tell her name. As Suruga and Setouchi were able to get along, Ayako approached Ujibe, congratulating her. But soon, Ayako warned their students since they were the first to be able to beat Suruga and players in the professional world would probably target them. Ujibe told her that her students could handle them. Nozomi was later called by a short, enigmatic figure who called itself "Beach-kun". Nozomi suddenly went to the toilet and figured out that her nipples couldn't stand up.

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