Chapter 81
Chapter 81
Kanji 究極連係!!!!
Romaji Kyūkyoku Renkei!!!!
Volume 9
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 80 Chapter 82

HIP 81: ULTIMATE TEAMWORK!!!! (究極連係!!!!, Kyūkyoku Renkei!!!!) is the eighty-first chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Hikari was injured and sent flying. Midori told her that they needed to stop playing around. Hikari and Midori then decided to use their trump card, "Hipp Tray". Hikari inserted herself inside Midori's swimsuit in order to combine their power. They later managed to corner Rin. Shortly after, Hanabi blocked both of them, defending Rin. However, Rin and Hanabi were still overwhelmed. But soon, Yokosugi was sent flying and bumping into Midori and Hikari. Apparently, the one who did that was Saya. Hikari decided to get rid of Saya, spliting herself from Midori. Hikari rushed towards Saya, but before she could attack her, Saya assaulted Hikari with her technique, "Quick-Draw Breast Sword".

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