Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Kanji 8の字決着!!!!
Romaji 8 no Ji Ketchaku!!!!
Volume 2
Arc First Exam Arc
Chapter 7 Chapter 9

HIP 8: THE END OF THE BOTTOM-8!!!! (8の字決着!!!!, 8 no Ji Ketchaku!!!!) is the eighth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Examiners announced the result for each examinees: Nozomi got 90 points, Sayaka's 94 points, Naka's 99 points, and Matsumoto's 76. Matsumoto seemingly dissatisfied with her result, while mumbling that's all Nozomi's fault. Later, Nozomi approached Matsumoto, while Matsumoto presumed that Nozomi was angry. But soon, Nozomi praised Matsumoto instead for giving such a good instance. Nozomi also thanked her. Matsumoto finally realized that she can't compete with her. A few days later, Nozomi figured out that she passed the first exam.

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