Chapter 79
Chapter 79.jpg
Kanji ボン娘対決!!!!
Romaji Bon Musume Taiketsu!!!!
Volume 9
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 78 Chapter 80

HIP 79: BATTLE OF THE RIBBONS!!!! (ボン娘対決!!!!, Bon Musume Taiketsu!!!!) is the seventy-ninth chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Nozomi figured out that Maya used Qigoing to blow her away. But soon, Yokosugi showed up and tried to attack Nozomi. However, she was block by Maya, and was sent flying. Nozomi continued her fight with Maya. Meanwhile, Hikari stated she would show the first technique of her illusion. Hikari vanished from both Rin and Hanabi's eyesight. Hikari and Midori suddenly showed up again, attacking them from behind.

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