Chapter 77
Chapter 77.jpg
Kanji なぜ勝てない!!!!
Romaji Naze Katenai!!!!
Volume 8
Arc The East-West War Arc
Chapter 76 Chapter 78

HIP 77: WHY CAN'T WE WIN?!!!! (なぜ勝てない!!!!, Naze Katenai!!!!) is the seventy-seventh chapter of the Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series.


Realizing that Kurogiri was cornered, Sanae went to get rid of Usagi. While Sanae managed to Defeat Usasgi, Non and Kazane Defeated Kurogiri. Shortly after, Sanae tried to use her "Piper Driver", but was blocked by both non and Kazane. But soon, Sanae was Able to blow Non away, defeating her. However, right before she sunk, Non kicked the Land in order to interfere with its balance. As such, Sanae lost her grip and released one of her "Pie Pile Piper" sooner than she intended. Kazane then used her last technique, "Boob Dunk". The two collided and bounced each other. Sanae and Kazane were seem to sink at the same time. However, when viewing replays, the camera Showed that Kazane sunk first, since Sanae was saved by a whirlpool caused by her "Pie Pile Piper". As such, Suruga won the second match.

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